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Fletchers Waste Management have over 40 years of experience in waste management.


Over 2000 tonnes of spoil were removed from site during the project.



Our soil testing service saved CR Reynolds over 50% per load.

Founded in 1980, CR Reynolds is a UK based Construction company that specialises in civil engineering, rail and general construction work. In 2012, they achieved their Network Rail Principal Contractors Licence, which has led to them working on a variety of projects across different frameworks throughout the UK.

In September 2020, CR Reynolds approached Fletchers Waste Management after identifying a large amount of asbestos-contaminated spoil whilst working on their Kettering Railway Station Project for Network Rail. As the contamination level had not been properly measured, CR Reynolds were faced with potential delays to their project as well as inflated costs to remove the spoil as hazardous waste.  

Our solution

Fletchers arranged a site visit to Kettering Train Station to better understand the contamination level and further scope the job requirements. They collected Waste Classification and WAC Analysis tests from the spoil to establish an accurate level of contamination and identify the correct and most cost-effective disposal method.

These tests revealed that the spoil contained visible bonded asbestos and was not fibrous as first expected. This was positive news as it meant the bonded pieces could be separated from the spoil more efficiently. Fletchers could then remove the majority of spoil from the site as non-hazardous waste, saving roughly 50% per load for CR Reynolds compared to it all being removed as hazardous waste.


Arranging the asbestos removal

After the spoil had been successfully classified and a compliant disposal destination was chosen, Fletchers arranged subcontractors to assist with the asbestos and spoil removal. The need for these subcontractors was agreed upon and factored into the original costings so that no unexpected charges were added.

Fletchers conducted a Tool Box Talk with the licensed asbestos specialists and ensured they were provided with the necessary PPE and air monitoring equipment before they began to double bag and remove any visible pieces of bonded asbestos. The successful removal of asbestos was essential, as it meant the remaining spoil could then be removed as non-hazardous waste, which was crucial for ensuring a lower cost per load for CR Reynolds.

Achieving results

In total, over 100 loads were removed from the original site totalling just over 2000 tonnes. Each load was overseen by Fletchers' Banksmen, who arranged and managed excavators, drivers and all other equipment from start to finish. They also oversaw all vehicle movements, ensuring they stuck to the daily schedule and took responsibility for the correct completion of all duty of care and waste consignment notes.

By Fletchers managing the asbestos removal and subsequent muck shift, any administrative pressures for CR Reynolds were removed, which meant their staff could focus on the other areas of the project for Network Rail, saving them time and money on labour.

As a result of successfully completing soil analysis and spoil removal, Fletchers were assigned further work on-site. Taking the time to test other areas meant more money could be saved for CR Reynolds. This is because Fletchers were able to identify different contamination levels for each location and provide more accurate and individual prices. In addition, there were many areas on-site that were much cleaner of contaminants. If Fletchers hadn't carried out further testing, it would have been assumed to be hazardous waste, which would have been much more expensive.


Fletchers Waste Management has really impressed during the scheme. Their professionalism, knowledge and collaborative nature have been key factors in the project’s success. It has been a pleasure working alongside such organised and professional people.

Jon Kemp

CR Reynolds, Site Manager

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