The Soil Lab

Accurate soil testing with a fast turnaround guaranteed

With The Soil Lab from Fletchers Waste Management, you can easily classify your soil yourself with our testing kits, or we can visit your site to take samples for you. Our soil testing kits and service will ensure you are compliant with your legal obligations to classify and assess excavated waste correctly, as well as save you money in the long run.

When is soil testing needed?

Building and construction sites are required to determine the quality and condition of the soil as well as whether there’s a possibility of contamination. Soil cannot leave the construction site and be taken to landfill unless the correct disposal method has been identified based on the testing of the soil. 

Other examples include the need to comply with topsoil standards, and to test water contents when planning for flood control, agriculture, drought prediction and the prevention of erosion.


Why choose us for soil testing?

We've been testing soil for 35 years and are proud to meet the highest waste classification guidelines, so you can be assured that you're in good hands. Our staff are trained and experienced in attending sites across the UK to gather soil samples for testing.

If you'd prefer to collect the sample yourself, our soil sampling kits are straightforward to use - we send you the kit, you put a soil sample in and send it back to us. We can deliver as many soil analysis kits as you need. Our results come back to you fast and are extremely accurate.

Our soil testing kits are designed to make taking soil samples an easy process to ensure your materials are correctly classified.


What tests can we do?

We have a wide range of soil testing kits available for you to purchase that requires no previous experience to complete. The soil testing kits available include asbestos quantification, Coal tartest, POPs test, Topsoil certification, Soil water analysis, Waste soil classification and WAC test.

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