Management Team

Our management team brings extensive industry knowledge, alongside a wealth of corporate experience, to help drive and achieve our company goals.

Gavin Leverett

Managing Director

Gavin joined Fletchers Waste Management in 2020 as Managing Director and led the business through its management buy-out (MBO) in February 2020. He now ensures that the wider management team meets their potential and that, in turn, the business achieves success. Gavin is a passionate advocate of Health and Safety (H&S), and as such, works closely with our Director of People and Compliance to ensure that H&S is part of the business’s DNA.

Gavin brings over 30 years of experience working in senior roles in businesses across various sectors, including construction and engineering, which are key customer sectors for the company. His extensive management experience means that he brings a broad and deep understanding of what makes the industry work and is, therefore, able to apply this knowledge to understanding the complexities of the waste sector.

Over the coming years, he aims to focus on leveraging the full capabilities of Fletchers and our sister companies. By growing the business in a measured and profitable way, he hopes to allow the other management team members to continue their progression and meet the company’s full potential.

Freddie Ward

Commercial Director

Freddie joined Fletchers Waste Management in March 2019 as Head of Sales and Marketing. Since joining the company, he has taken responsibility for all internal and external marketing deliverables across the Fletchers’ Group. Starting with one team member, he now has a constantly growing team of Business Development Managers and two within our marketing team, which was brought in-house in November 2020.

He began his role with a strong focus on developing Fletchers’ business locally. He has successfully broadened our customer base and pushed our business and sales on a national scale. Due to his proven knowledge of sales and marketing, Freddie stepped into the role of Commercial Director during the MBO in 2020.

Freddie has over 15 years of experience working in the design and construction industry in marketing and senior leadership roles. This industry experience in various countries has enabled him to bring a different perspective to the waste industry's traditional sales and marketing techniques, helping to develop key long-term relationships and improve our offerings.

Fraser Lythgoe

Operations Director

Fraser joined Fletchers Waste Management in 2011 as a Sales Executive and has been crucial to helping drive the group’s growth since that time. Having proved his broad knowledge of the industry, business, and operations, Fraser stepped into the role of Operations Director during the MBO in 2020. Fraser’s expertise and passion for the waste industry have been vital to him helping maximise productivity, ensuring that we achieve optimal recycling rates.

As Operations Director, Fraser is responsible for the management of the business waste transfer operations, logistics and the day-to-day implementation of compliance. He is passionate about increasing the operational capacity of the business and ensuring that growth, either organically or via acquisition, is achieved seamlessly. Fraser regularly works with customers and suppliers and ensures that operations are always the enabler of customer service excellence.

Michelle Loy

Director of People and Compliance

Joining Fletchers Waste Management in 2015, initially as HR & Health & Safety Coordinator, Michelle established and brought both the HR and QHSE functions in-house. The nurturing of this department has been fundamental in the growth of both our business and our staff. Michelle has worked in HR for over 22 years, with experience working in previous corporate environments with a headcount of 400. She is Assoc. CIPD qualified, having recently completed 18 months of study.

During her time with Fletchers, Michelle has successfully implemented a PPE policy and a rolling programme of TBT/SSOW/RAs, effective sitewide, as well as our Health and Safety Employee Award. This award is for displaying good practice and positive enforcement of the Company’s H&S policy and procedures. 

Having recently been appointed to the board, Michelle plans to continue supporting and encouraging the company in its sustainability efforts and wants to utilise being the only female board member, by advocating for women working in the waste industry. 

Lee Jarman

Director of Supply Chain and Customer Service

Lee joined Fletchers Waste Management in June 2020 as Supply Chain Manager, which soon progressed to Supply Chain and Customer Service Manager. The key focuses of his role include managing a team of 6 staff, over 450 suppliers, and the supply chain and customer service elements of both the local and national sides of the Fletchers business.

Having worked in the waste industry since 2011, he brings invaluable knowledge of working for both brokers and skips companies in various roles across customer service and supply chain. Due to his expertise and passion for ensuring company success, Lee became Director of Supply Chain and Customer Service in November 2021.

He is passionate about Fletchers achieving continued growth and supporting the company to solidify its place as a waste management market leader locally and nationally. This goal goes hand in hand with Lee wanting to ensure net-zero carbon emissions is achieved. As a board member, he hopes to grow the customer service and supply chain team to ensure we always offer a high level of service for all our customers, big and small.

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