Hazardous waste

Specialist hazardous waste skip and container hire services

We can accommodate collection at your premises at a time and date to suit you and to minimise disruption. Not only is this the most cost-effective solution, but it will also help your business fully comply with legislation by ensuring the safe disposal of hazardous waste materials.

Your legal responsibilities

Any business that generates hazardous waste is legally responsible for disposing of it correctly. You must have a contract with a registered waste company and provide evidence of the waste's legal disposal. We provide logistics, reprocessing, recycling and reuse services along with disposal of hazardous waste safely and efficiently.

paint tins

What hazardous waste can we manage?

We can manage a wide range of hazardous waste materials, including but not limited to batteries, oils, aerosol, paint, asbestos, resins & adhesives, contaminated packaging, solvents, contaminated soils, fluorescent tubing, waste fuel and hydrocarbon-based waste.

For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, please get in touch with us on 0114 244 5006.

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