Waste segregation

How we help with segregation

Customers are given a dedicated Account Manager who will assist with all waste requirements. After the initial contact, they will arrange a site visit to identify the best containers for disposal and plan for the set-up of the segregation area. Fletchers are fully equipped to provide all site signage to aid in better segregation. 

Your dedicated Account Manager will roll out Toolbox Talks to educate all site personnel on the benefits of segregation, as well as correct waste management and explain why we do it. Quarterly site visits will be arranged to ensure site personnel are following the procedure. 

Customers will receive access to our online management software, which contains all licenses, environmental permits, waste transfer notes, movement detail, invoices and more. You will also have full access to site reports or comparative reports, which will assess usage efficiency as well as identifying areas of improvement personalised to your project.

Examples of segregation

To reduce waste and help the environment, we have specially trained staff who segregate all waste brought to our facility. 

Materials that can be recycled are carefully picked and segregated to avoid as much waste going to landfill as possible. 

A great example of waste segregation includes mattresses, as these items are a key contributor to the UK’s landfill and fly-tipping problem. We have recently invested in our waste transfer facilities to enable mattresses to be better segregated, stored and processed for recycling of the constituent parts.


Toolbox talks

Our team will visit your site to take your staff through tailored Toolbox Talks, as well as implement the waste segregation strategy.

Why segregate?

When you segregate your waste at the source, it can be sent to the right place straight away, meaning you could save in the long run. Fletchers Waste Management will provide signage to make the correct segregation of materials easier to manage.

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