Coffee ground recycling

Helping you save money whilst becoming more sustainable

Professional coffee grounds recycling service

We’ve partnered with bio-bean to provide you with a professional coffee grounds recycling service. Helping you save money whilst becoming more sustainable.

Used coffee grounds costs businesses millions in disposal fees and is damaging the planet. 

From both consumer and industrial, 95 million cups of coffee are drunk every day in the UK. Every cup leaves spent coffee grounds that need to be disposed of and amount to hundreds of thousands of tonnes every year. A considerable proportion of spent coffee ground is sent to landfill, emitting harmful greenhouse gases, including methane. 

By partnering with bio-bean, it means we can help divert all of our customer’s spent coffee grounds from landfill. In addition, our team can advise on the best way to maximise your segregation efforts so we can swiftly collect and send it straight to be recycled. 

How will it save your business money?

When wet coffee grounds are put into your chosen waste stream, their extra weight will inevitably increase the collection and disposal fees. We work with bio-bean to ensure the spent grounds are correctly segregated. This helps ensure the grounds can then be easily collected and properly recycled for reuse. Resulting in your business saving money whilst simultaneously achieving greater sustainability.

How your business will achieve greater sustainability

After we collect your spent grounds, we deliver them to bio-bean’s factory in Cambridgeshire. Here, they will dry the grounds, which will renew them for reuse, transforming them from a waste material into sustainable, clean fuels which can heat homes in winter, benefitting both people and the planet.

Need more information?

For more information on our coffee grounds recycling service or to discuss your current bin collection with us, please call our helpful team on 0114 244 5006 or fill out our contact form.

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