During its 40-year history, Redrow has grown into one of the UK’s largest housebuilders with a reputation for leading the industry in matters relating to sustainability.


Since the project started, more than half (53%) have also started sharing their recommendations on how materials can be better recycled or re-used with key members of their teams.


In 2020 Reconomy oversaw the disposal of 11,357 tonnes of waste on behalf of Redrow, diverting 98% away from landfill.

Quodsi vultum tibi, si incessum fingeres, quo gravior viderere, non esses tui similis; Multoque hoc melius nos veriusque quam Stoici. Sic igitur in homine perfectio ista in eo potissimum, quod est optimum, id est in virtute, laudatur.

Steve Smith

ABC Company